Sir Odie's Eternal-Lands-Services


Welcome to my little page with services for the Eternal-Lands Community.

At the moment I offer

For any questions send an In-Game-PM or an EL-Forum-PM to Sir_Odie...

As these services are NOT officially supported, please don't ask any questions about them on the Official Forum, In-Game-Channels or Moderators!
If you use these services, you do so on your own risk!

I don't want to make money with these services but if you insist you can make a Bitcoin donation: 17aVx5DZuoFsq1o4V5QKzDc22NSS2zUHuw


As there are a lot more updates to EL than Encyc-releases (an actual Encyc nomally only comes with a new Client) but the EL-Encyc is often updated shortly after every EL-update, I provide here an up-to-date version of the EL-Encyc.
This Encyc is built from the official Git-repository whenever there is an update...

To install the new Encyc just download this zip-file and extract it into your EL-Program-Folder.

You have to restart EL to enable the new Encyc.


I offer a Custom-Clothing service.

To enable this service (to see the clothes) you have to add/edit the file 'custom_mirrors.lst' in your personal EL-Folder, replace the content with '' and make sure, in the Client 'Options -> Server -> Custom Looks Update' and 'Show Custom Clothing' are enabled.
If you use Windows, you can simply execute this Script (right-click --> Save Target As; then double click to run it). It enables Custom Clothing for you.
On Linux put this file (right-click to download) into the folder '~/.elc'.
On MacOS X extract this file into your personal 'Library/Application Support/Eternal Lands' folder.

If custom clothing suddenly stops working or clothes seem to be corrupt, remove the file '' (ONLY this file) from your personal EL-Folder while the EL-Client is not running.
Clothing updates do not work when more than one EL-Client is running on the computer!

To have your own clothes or Guild-clothes hosted contact me in-game or via Forum-PM.

Personal clothes cost 1kgc per Character and Update.
Guild-clothes cost 10kgc per Guild and Update.

This means you pay once for the set of clothes you send me and you pay again if you want to change (add/replace/remove) something.
It doesn't matter if you send me 1 piece of cloth or a whole collection as long as you send them at once; the same is for the changes...


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